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Welcome to
Community Chest
Enhancing Communities
Restoring Hope
Community Development
Enhancing Communities
Restoring Hope
Enhancing Communities
Restoring Hope
Enhancing Communities
Restoring Hope
Income generation



  •  We provide innovative solutions to all donor investment queries.
  •  We professionally vet NPOs/CBOs and advise donors on where best to direct their donor investment.

  •  We provide professional management solutions to all donor advised giving.

  •  We are experts in the capacity-building of NPOs/CBOs, using appropriate programmes involving education, training, mentoring, counselling and coaching.

  •  We are M&E experts; we provide professional assessment and verification reports to donors on the use and impact of funding as received by NPOs/CBOs.

Our Mission

To inspire and facilitate community giving and action, for community enhancement

Our Vision

Untitled 2 Enhanced Community    Untitled 2 Restored Hope

The 8 Community Chest Values

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Our KEY SOCIAL Interventions


As a community, the apartheid system left us divided, based on “racial”, gender, social class, religion, etc....
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Our public schooling is failing us. In every dimension, from the curriculum, to the quality of teaching, to school...
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Our public health system cannot cope with the demands place upon it. Unhealthy lifestyles driven by   ...
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According to the Statistician General, poverty in South Africa since 2006 was on the decline, but sadly...
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