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Mission Statement

The Organisation is a non-profit organisation, committed to raising and distributing funds and providing services in a professional and efficient manner, to organisations engaged in meeting the Welfare, Education, Health and Income Generation needs of the Community

“Enhancing Community – Restoring Hope”

We aim to meet the Social Responsibility needs of all our Donors by facilitating the widest, most effective distribution of funds and services.

“Funds derived from the Community for the Community”

We strive to create a stimulating and challenging environment for volunteers and staff for personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Our Vision

Is to make a difference and an impact in the lives of the disadvantaged in our Community by awakening the public to a sense of Social Responsibility and the economic need to assist the disadvantaged.

The 8 Community Chest Values

  1. In wanting to shift the culture of poverty to a culture of prosperity, which INITIATIVES are strategic for us to focus on? There may be 50 pressing challenges, but two or three initiatives have the power to dramatically shift or solve the problem.
  2. What is our declared INTENTION with our strategy and areas of engagement? We must never invest money or people or time until we have stated very clearly to ourselves what our own intentions are with what we are funding or doing.
  3. Who and what is influencing our INTERVENTION? Who is behind what we are doing? Who is ultimately in the driver seat and what is the agenda?
  4. In designing strategies how are we addressing the power vs.INFLUENCE challenge that often strangles development? In development we know it’s not just about having power. You must have influence at a number of levels to effect change.
  5. What new INTELLIGENCE are we employing to address the issues we want to solve or shift? Action that is not based on intelligence is dangerous. Ask anybody in emergency rescue services. Just being charitable is not enough. We need to develop new intelligence all the time to address the issues of our day.
  6. Are we being INNOVATIVE with what we are doing or are we merely regurgitating what others are doing or what we ourselves have always done? What are we doing that is based on our own contextual realities and not just a “one size fits all solution”?
  7. How are we planning to measure the IMPACT of what we have designed as an intervention? Do we have the skill sets to go back and monitor and evaluate what we have designed as an intervention?
  8. Can we speak with INTEGRITY to the donors and the community about what we are planning and doing?

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