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How many organisations are helped annually through the Community Chest?

  • We currently assist 74 Community Impact Partners in Pietermaritzburg. They receive their annual grants in 4 quarterly instalments.

How much money does the Chest need each year?

  • It is difficult to estimate the needs of Social Welfare, Education and Health. Our current Allocation Budget for 2014 / 2015 financial year is R4, 919,730.00 - we could do with much more, and must grow in the years ahead!
  • R1,701,730.00 has been allocated to 3 TB Projects
  • R3,218,00.00 has been allocated to 71 Community Impact Partners in the Health, Welfare and Education Sectors

How are the funds raised?

  • We raise funds in the following ways:
  1.  Workplace Giving
  2. Corporate Donations
  3. Individual & Private Donations
  4. Donation from Trusts
  5. Bequests
  6. Organisation of Events
  7. Donor Advised Giving

What fields of service does Community Chest cover?

  • Funds are allocated in the Social Welfare, Education and Health areas:
  1. General Child and Family Welfare
  2. Community Services / Poverty Alleviation / HIV & Aids 
  3. Elderly Care
  4. Care of the Disabled 
  5. Health Care Support Services
  6. Early Childhood Development
  7. Education for Learners with Special Needs
  8. Substance Abuse  
  9. Crime Prevention   


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